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Digital Canvas is a discovery tool that augments base data that you provide and returns intelligence about businesses and properties within an interactive geospatial display. Altogether, it allows for an enhanced canvassing process that improves your organization’s accuracy and efficiency. Digital Canvas has two components, Business Insights and Residence Insights.  Use the app in a web browser, or take it with you in the field using your mobile device.

How It Works

Digital Canvas works by taking your base data and augmenting it with additional databases and analytics. Some of these databases originate from within your organization, while other sources we provide from private and public repositories. We then put that data on a map display where users can interact with and sort through the pins.


Business Insights helps confirm active business locations, closed businesses, and details about new businesses. The software pre-loads business information for every location and provides leads to make your office more efficient.


Residence Insights provides information about where people live and what assets they are associated with, from real property to personal property. The software supplies insights about where people live, what properties they own, which are rented, and other associated assets.


Digital Canvas is a software as a service (SaaS) product built on Google Cloud. Google Cloud provides the app with the best in class security and resources. Click below to learn more about our Google Cloud Partnership.

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Reason creates software and analytics products for the government and for citizens interacting with their government.

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