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Case Manager provides increased efficiency to the auditing process through streamlined workflows that are fully customizable by the organization. The navigation element that allows users to quickly parse by assignments, audit types, auditors, and status creates high visibility for the audit manager. Another customizable feature is the audit process, which improves accuracy for the entire team through standardization. Better yet, Case Manager does not require user maintenance because it’s a SaaS product. As a result, Case Manager provides a secure, streamlined audit process that allows you to instantly see the performance of your audit program, its impacts, potential challenges, and individual and team performance.

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Audit Management Software

Case Manager is an audit management tool that provides high visibility to audit managers.

Organizations can manage users in a hierarchy, with each role being customizable by title, access to information, and assignments. Users can also customize audit types and their workflows by required documentation, contact due dates, notes, and other enhanced features.

Therefore from a management perspective, you can quickly grasp the full picture of the project and make sure all audits are on track for efficient completion.


Case Manager is highly secure through many levels of encryption and all access being monitored and logged. Every transaction with an audit subject is done through secure private channels, so we can ensure that data stays safe through a direct chain of custody. Google Cloud provides the app with best in class security and resources. Click below to learn more about our Google Cloud Partnership.

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